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PostSubject: Rules!   Rules! I_icon_minitimeNovember 27th 2007, 7:42 pm


FIRST: The rules!
1. Please post decently positive messages!
Don't post things like "Life is depressing", "I hate my life", "We're all going to die", "You're really ugly", etc. depresses others. Please refrain from this. =] Also, try not to swear. This forum is for moderately cheerful people, as you can see by the countless lollipops.
2. No spam
A post like "omg hi" when it's really irrelevant counts as SPAM.
3. No hatred, innappropriate language, adultry, blackmail, etc.
Yep, no racism or anything, children.
4. Use common sense!
If you have a hunch that posting something like "OMG YEW ALL SUCK LOLOL" will get you in trouble (and it probably would), then don't post it. Tada!
5. PLEASE stay on topic and do not drown your posts in smileys.
Posting something like this:
is frowned upon in most forum societies. ;]
6. Have fun!
Anyone who is not enjoying themselves WILL BE BANNED IMMEDIATELY. No I'm just kidding, but seriously, have fun. Cuz otherwise, what's teh point of wasting your life on a forum?
7. Do NOT copy things from others.
I don't know where this might pop up, but the point is that you shouldn't plagiarize, or else the Copyright Fairy will throw you in jail. =]
8. Do NOT include personal info.
'Tis the internet, where pedophiles and rapists live. For your safety, don't give out your name, address, phone number, school, cell number, social security number, credit card number, account passwords, or any other things that are important for your privacy. =3

SECOND: The Punishments!
What happens if you break a rule?
Although it depends on the rule(s) you break, you will generally:

1. First time receive a warning
2. Second time be banned for a day
3. Third time be banned for a month
4. Forth time be banned forever.

What does it mean to be banned?
It means you can't use your account on this forum and you will have to go away until the ban is over. : D Tee hee.

What's a "mod"?
A moderator! They ban people and see if posts/topics follow the rules!

What's an "admin"?
An administrator! They have the powers of a mod, plus MORE.... Anyway, they run the forum! Omg!

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