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PostSubject: Neopets   Neopets I_icon_minitimeFebruary 9th 2008, 3:51 pm

Neopets is an online game where you and your little gang of pets run around, make shops, play games, and explore. It's pretty fun and there's a ton of stuff to do, although it's a bit difficult to play successfully.

For starters, it's really hard to make money in Neopets. The games are confusing to master, and the ones that aren't, well, you can only play once a day. Even if you do master the games, they won't get you a ton of cash. The only way I survived was by winning the lottery, and even that didn't get too much.

Since you can't get money, it's really hard to do anything. For example, your pets are always hungry. Also you can't buy fancy things and items that you would need for battle. (Not to mention battling is pretty hard.)

Neopets Neopia10

But this game has it's bright sides, too. There are TONS of secrets and items to unlock, it seems unlimited things can happen! Also, when picking your pet/s, there are a lot of different neopets to choose from with multiple color choices. When you've picked your pet/s, there's a whole planet to explore, so it can seriously keep you playing for hours.

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