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 Prologue: Is there anything worse than this? 0-1

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PostSubject: Prologue: Is there anything worse than this? 0-1   February 24th 2008, 1:29 am

In this small village Link is sleeping peacefully in his bed, but little does he know that when he wakes up he will have to face the boring prologue...

-Link wakes up

Man: Oiiiiii! Link! Wake up!

Link: Im already up shut up

Man: I need some help down by the farm!

Link: Great, find someone who didn't just wake up to help you.

Man: Thanks Link! See you there!

-Man leaves

Link: What???

Link: Ugh...

-Walks outside

Link: Lets talk to some useless NPCs.

-Walks up to a guy

Link: Hey-

Guy: Oh! Good morning Link, going to work at the farm I see.

Link: No, not really.

Guy: Well, you've got a hard day's work ahead of you so I won't keep you busy. Bye!

Link: Um. Is that it? No gossip? No fun conversation? Ugh.

-Walks down the road in the middle of town until he comes to a boy

Link: Well hi!

Boy: Hoy Link!

Link: Uh... What?

Boy: Hoy!

Link: ?

Boy: I wanna be just like you when I grow up Link!

Link: Well thats just fine and dandy.

Boy: ...

Link: Well?

Boy: I wanna be just like you when I grow up Link!

Link: I'm leaving.

-Walks around town ( The town's name is Oakvale by the way.)

Link: Well I've talked to everyone and the passage out of town is ever so conventiently blocked by a farmhand. *Sigh* I guess I'll get to work...

-Goes through the farm gate on the southern end of town.
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Prologue: Is there anything worse than this? 0-1
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