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 Prolouge: The Farm 0-2

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Prolouge: The Farm 0-2 Empty
PostSubject: Prolouge: The Farm 0-2   Prolouge: The Farm 0-2 I_icon_minitimeApril 8th 2008, 10:33 pm

*Link Arives at the Farm*

Link: Im so excited...

Man from Before: Hoy Link! Thanks for showing up so quickly!

Link: Well, I kind of avoided this place as much as possible but there isn't much else in this town besides 2 other houses and a shop that sells milk.

Man from Before: That's great, now start wrangling some cows!

Link: Why?

Man from Before: To wrangle a cow press the B button when next to the cow you want to wrangle.

Link: So I should wrangle your cows for that reason.

MFB: To wrangle-

Link: Okay!

*Link walks up to a cow*

Link: Uhh... B?

*Magicaly wrangles the cow*

MFB: Now walk it to the barn with the analog stick.

Link: Yeah, I know how to walk thanks.

*Link follows the man's orders*

MFB: Now that you've got the hang of it you can walk all the other cows into the barn.

Link: Oh, boy. *Starts walking away*

MFB: If you do it quick enough I'll give you a prize!

Link: *stops and runs back* Curse my want for a 100% completion...

MFB: Ready... Go!

*Link gets a time of 2:12*

Link: Okay, where's my prize? Very Happy

MFB: You're a little slow today Link, a time of 2:12...

Link: What? You were timing me???

MFB: You can try again if you'd like.

Link: So wait, you're willing to take all the cows out of the barn and set them up in the same position just so I can have another try?

MFB: Ready... Go!

Link: Dash!

*Link gets a time of 1:47*

MFB: Well, that's pretty good! That's 13 seconds faster than your usual time.

Link: So you time me every day?

MFB: Well here's your prize.

*Link gets the Seed Bag!*

Link: That's it? A SACK?

MFB: You can hold seeds in that bag.


MFB: You can throw seeds at your enemies.

Link: Oh really? *Chucks a seed at MFB's Face but it just goes through*

Link: Shocked So you gave me a useless sack to hold seeds that serve no purpose at all.

MFB: Basicly. Here's your day's pay.

*Link gains 20 rupees*

MFB: Now why don't ya go into town and buy yerself somethin' nice.

Link: What? Like some milk. I don't seem to need food.

MFB: Bye.

Link: See ya, hick. *Starts walking back to town*

MFB: The name's Henry silly.

Link: *Passing through the farm gate* Whatever...
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Prolouge: The Farm 0-2
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