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Omg. The forum is being redone and stuff! Topics are being renamed, unused ones deleted or moved, and new features added. Check back often.


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PostSubject: Forum Help   Forum Help I_icon_minitimeMarch 19th 2009, 8:00 pm

So you're on the forums...
But what IS a forum?!?!?!?

The categories, forums, and topics...

A forum is like a website divided into categories, forums, and topics/threads.

Category: Animals
Forum: Pets
Topic: OMG, My awesome cat

The administrator (aka admin, the person that controls and manages the forum. In this case, its me Very Happy) creates the categories and forums, but everyone else can create topics.

Creating your own topics

To create a topic, simply click on the forum you want to create one in, and click the "New Topic" button. In this forum, its located above the list of current topics, and looks like this:

Forum Help I_post

Once you've clicked that button, you're ready to create your topic! First, add the subject, or the title, of your post. If you're posting about your awesome cat, the title might be "My awesomely-awesome cat". Or if you're normal, it might be "Awesome cat". But anyway...

You'll also need to include the text of your topic. Again, I'm gonna use the cat example. So if you were posting about your awesome cat, you could say "My cat is really awesome! Her name is ginger and she's orange! I love her so much and we got her last week!"

Feel free to include some smilies, and if you want, a poll! To add a poll, simply open up the "Add a Poll" section by clicking the little plus sign next to "Add a poll" below the topic text area. You can add up to ten answers. Your poll might say: "What do you think of my cat?

- She's awesome!
- She's cool!
- She's adorable!"

When you've finished making your topic, hit "Send", and you'll have your very own post! Hooray! Now get posting!
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